**COMBINE ANY VASTMED PRODUCTS FOR DISCOUNTS: 5 VASTMED PRODUCTS = 30% DISCOUNT 6 VASTMED PRODUCTS = 35% DISCOUNT 7 VASTMED PRODUCTS = 40% DISCOUNT After adding your products to your cart and purchasing your vouchers- our personal VastMed representative will contact you in order to complete your purchase and ensure that the above discounts are applied properly.** Clear, 500/Box VastMed X-Ray Sensor Sleeve- Clear 500/BOX Available Sizes: 8"X1 3/8" 8"X1 5/8" 2"X9" 2 1/2"X10" • Transparent for better performance • Quick changeover • Disposable X-Ray Sensor Sleeves are lightweight sheaths for wired sensors. Disposable plastic covers for X-ray sensors that help protect the patient from cross contamination. Fits Trophy and Gendex system. They slide quickly and easily over the sensor. **Cost does not include sales tax- this will be added by sales representative when they contact you to complete your purchase and apply your discounts.


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