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Sale Ends: 28 days25%OFFFacials & Peels

Signature Facial With Jelly Mask

Improve your skin's texture, tone, and clarity!

Sale Ends: 28 days29%OFFBotox

Spend $340 Or More- Get $100 Off!

$100 OFF When You Spend $340 or More on Botox!

Sale Ends: 26 days40%OFFDetox

Hangover IV

Our intravenous (IV) hydration therapies help target your concerns by customizing each infusion to your specific needs.

Sale Ends: 21 days57%OFFPhysical & Primary Care

Follow Up Visit

A follow-up visit to ensure the patient is doing well!

Sale Ends: 21 days83%OFFFacials & Peels

Two Red Light Therapy Sessions

Non-invasive treatment with amazing results!

Sale Ends: 21 days56%OFFFacials & Peels

Three Microdermabrasion Facials

Improve tone, texture, and clarity of skin!

Sale Ends: 21 days0%OFFInjectables & Fillers

Weight Loss Injections

$300 OFF!! Non-surgical weight loss fat burner injections!

Sale Ends: 21 days35%OFFMassage

30-Minute Foot Reflexology Massage

Target stress and imbalance with this amazing treatment!

Sale Ends: 21 days51%OFFFacials & Peels

Microinfusion With Hydrofacial

During you hydrofacial session, we will do a direct infusion of rejuvenating serum into your pores. This follows the concept of microneedling but give you more urgency on results with lesser downtime and pain. What more if getting it with hydrofacial! Best to do every monthly x 3 sessions.

Sale Ends: 18 days47%OFFDetox

Two 60-Minute V-Steam Sessions (Women)

Relieve pain, reduce stress, & improve wellness!


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