60 minute Full Body Massage Popular Package (Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage)


        You will receive a 60 minute full body massage, accompanied by relaxing music, wrapped in an aromatherapy environment for complete relaxation, and hot towel therapy. Extra, choose one of the following three options

> Hot stone therapy:

        The heat of hot stones can help alleviate muscle tension and pain, and help increase blood circulation in affected areas.

> Steam eye mask:

          promotes blood circulation around the eyes, alleviates eye fatigue, and allows you to enjoy massage while also giving your eyes a spa.

> Nu Skin Moisturizing facial mask:

            While relaxing the body, it also makes a moisturizing SPA for the face.

          No matter which additional service you choose, it will enhance your perfect massage experience.

          Throughout the entire process, you will experience various techniques, and the masseur will tailor the most suitable solution for you. Maintaining smooth communication with the masseur is also important. A perfect massage experience requires a comfortable environment and high-quality service, as well as a professional and licensed masseur.

        A perfect massage experience requires a comfortable environment, high-quality service, and a professional licensed masseur, V SPA is your best choice.


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