**COMBINE ANY VASTMED PRODUCTS FOR DISCOUNTS: 5 VASTMED PRODUCTS = 30% DISCOUNT 6 VASTMED PRODUCTS = 35% DISCOUNT 7 VASTMED PRODUCTS = 40% DISCOUNT After adding your products to your cart and purchasing your vouchers- our personal VastMed representative will contact you in order to complete your purchase and ensure that the above discounts are applied properly.** CAPRA Gauze Non Woven / Non – Sterile – Premium Sponges 3X3 8Ply = 4000/Cs Non-Sterile Woven Gauze Sponges are 100% cotton gauze sponges available in premium quality. Woven gauze sponges are ideal for general wound care, packing, dressing, and cleaning. Peel pouches and trays allow for easy opening. They are not made with natural rubber latex.

  • Non-Sterile
  • Peel Pouches
  • 100% Cotton Gauzes
  • 200 Pcs Per Package

**Cost does not include sales tax- this will be added by sales representative when they contact you to complete your purchase and apply your discounts.

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