You can choose which particular bio-microneedling beauty efficacy session you would like from the following: A. Revitalize - improves skin texture, promotes nicer skin tone, refines skin and fades melanin; applicable for all skin types and recommended for 20s to 40s of age. B. Anti-aging and Rejuvenation - smoothens wrinkles, firms and lifts, improves skin elasticity and promotes skin remodeling; applicable for all skin types and recommended for >50 years old. C. Resurfacing and Repair - improves acne skin, and fades acne marks; recommended for oily and combination skin. Can be performed every 2 weeks x 4 treatments for optimal results.


Biomicroneedling started around 2016, in Europe and now invading worldwide.

This is an effective modality of skin resurfacing and provide a natural alternative approach to microdermabrasion and dermabrasion, chemical peels (glycolic acid, Jessner’s, phenol and trichloroacetic acid peels), CO laser resurfacing and Erbium laser peels to correct visual facial defects such as hyperpigmentation of various etiology, fine wrinkles, Sun damage, Superficial Scars, comedones, enlarged pores, and facial rejuvenation.


Unlike traditional microneedling, no topical numbing, skin breakage, or bleeding occurs making it a much more comfortable session. Only, a subtle "pricking" feeling will be felt when mask is being rubbed into the skin, similar to an exfoliating mask. Upon massaging the bio-needles, called “spongilla spicules” into the skin, the spicules mechanically separate the epidermal layers and reduce keratinocyte cohesion, thereby increasing stratum corneum sloughing and sebum plug and loose keratinocyte removal.


Less trauma on the skin means much quicker healing times VS traditional microneedling! Expect a slightly pink tone 24 hours after your procedure. 


The following 24-48 hours after treatment, the microneedles remain in the skin and continue collagen production. It is not abnormal to feel a slight tingly feeling when making contact to skin. 

Dry skin, mild flaking and peeling may occur on day 3. The microneedles shorten the skin renewal cycle for 28 days to 7 days to achieve effective rejuvenation in just seven days - leaving you with brand new skins and the results you were aiming for.

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