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Emeka Abazie

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Snap on Denture with 4 Implants

Smile and eat without fear at an affordable cost! Take charge of your health today!

$ 7000 12000

Full Arch Fixed Implant Crown & Bridge

Smile & eat without fear at an affordable cost! Take control of your health today!

$ 15000 35000

Full Mouth Deep Cleaning with Exam & X-ray

Gum disease affects millions of people, take charge of your oral health today!

$ 399 1200

Cleaning + Exam + X-ray

Bad breath may be a sign of bacterial colonization in your mouth! Take charge of your health and get rid of that plaque and bacteria today!

$ 39 250

A Single Veneer + Exam

Don't let being self-conscious about your smile hold you back! It's time to brighten it up!

$ 699 1350

Smile Makeover with Four Veneers

Get The Smile You Always Wanted at an Affordable Cost!

$ 2400 4800

Ceramic Crown with Exam & X-ray

Replace that broken, cracked, or stained tooth with a long-lasting esthetic ceramic crown!

$ 499 1200

Zoom Whitening + Exam + X-rays + Cleaning

Whiter Brighter Teeth in One Hour!

$ 199 800


Voucher Includes 10 Composite Veneers. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR SMILE and IMPROVE YOUR CONFIDENCE!

$ 4999 10000
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